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Jake Fox played professionally for 13 years and is now a coach in the Giants organization. He has a wife, two kids and a whole list of responsibilities that are not conducive to this lifestyle. Recently, he was thrown back into AA baseball where he was surrounded by 22-year old kids who were at a different stage in life and had extremely different priorities. In order to adapt and be accepted as part of the team, he was required to make some changes to his mind set and general attitude. Fox had to put himself back in a place where he saw the world as they did. As time passed, he gained their trust and, ultimately, their respect. What was thought to be a position of equality, soon became a position for mentorship.

Through the adaptation, his language changed. It became a bit more vulgar and a lot more witty. Fox found it was the best way to capture their attention. He created one-line comments that were both purposeful and entertaining. He tried not to carry them over into his personal life. But, his teammates were so intrigued by their ridiculousness, they began using them away from the field also. When a friend of his caught wind of them, she begged him to share them with the world. Through her plead and the support of those teammates, the Fox Code was born. Where it will take us, we are still unsure. But, we hope you enjoy them as much they did. 

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